10 Reuses for your Tea Bags!!



Instead of throwing away those tea bags after you use them once, I thought I would give you some creative options to further their use. You already know that I am a believer in re-use and re-cycle. Old can be gold and I love thinking outside of that limiting box.

  1. To start, did you know that you can reuse those tea bags? Yep, all but the white tea can be used more than once to make a cup and add additional flavor to your tea.
  2. Teabags make great air fresheners. You can hang them almost anywhere from your closet, bathroom, musty basement, and even the fridge to dispel all of those nasty odors that seem to linger. Try placing some in the bottom of those stinky shoes.
  3. Teabags make great little pest deterrents. Open the bags and sprinkle them onto your plants to give them those extra nutrients and strengthen the soil while keeping those mice and other rodents out of your garden since they don’t seem to like the taste.
  4. Tea makes a great flavoring for your dinner. Place your used teabag in that pot of boiling water while making your pasta or water for any vegetable your boiling. They also are great rubbed into that steak before placing it on the grill.
  5. Tannins in tea create a protective layer and that prevents oxidation so great when used to rub down that old cast iron cookware of yours.
  6. Did you know teabags dropped into a sink of dirty dishes will help separate the food from them and make them easier to clean? Yup, try it and see the separation.
  7. Place those teabags in some boiling water and re-steep them. Let the water cool and hand the kiddo’s some paintbrushes and paper to paint some pretty pictures.
  8. Place used tea bags after cooled on your eyes to help with those undereye circles.
  9. Use the water from re-steeping your bags to clean and buff the wood in your home.
  10. Throw those used tea bags in your bath water to soothe and soften your skin. Calming tea scents can help you relax while your skin gets nourished and hydrated. You can also use the tea bags to soak your hair in and make it shiny and help your coloring. Black tea or dark teas for dark hair. Chamomile or white tea for blonde.


I hope you found this useful and try a few or all. Don’t worry about all of the time you’ve spent wasting those used tea bags. There is no better time than today to make the change.



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