Help with Anxiety/Panic Disorder

Do you suffer from the stressors of life so bad that you end up having anxiety or panic attacks? This ever-evolving world we now live in is on warp speed. Not only are our days jam-packed with high-speed activities from mobile phones to automobiles, television, and music, but the population has grown in masses. The automobile has improved the way we get from place to place but it has increased all. Therefore you go on vacation, a concert, a museum, or everyday activities such as the grocery store or library and there are more times than not a crowd of people surrounding. Our minds are constantly scanning our busy surroundings or what information we can absorb from the waves of a phone, computer, or television. We are on a constant overload of information.

Most of us are so dependent on gadgets that we can’t live without them. According to research at UCLA “Internet causes significant increases in neural activation of the brain’s frontal lobes, where we make decisions and hold short-term memories.” A 2013 study published in PLOS ONE showed that Internet addiction was associated with depression, impulsivity, and autistic traits. Prolonged use and rapid shifts in visual stimuli can cause disorientation. Brain scans showed that kids with lots of screen time had a premature thinning of the cortex. I could add much more to this but I think you get the point.

In the days of our parents and grandparents, things were much simpler. Kids were playing outside in the fresh air. Our foods weren’t laced with GMO’s. More families grew gardens. Automobiles had just made the debut in my grandparents young years and not all could afford one. Our land wasn’t as polluted with the masses of homes and buildings that are ripping up our forests and farmlands and spreading smog and pollution. Plastic waste is now filling our oceans. Families used to spend time together in real conversation at meals and working the land. The days spent at a slower pace tho busier with real work taking care of the earth, dinners, animals, and each other. Workouts weren’t in packed gyms. Knowledge was found in libraries or life experience.  The competition wasn’t as much with each other. Drugs weren’t prevalent. Many medicines were from earth.

Taking all of this into consideration it is no wonder there are more and more cases of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and autism. We can’t reverse the times; at least not that we are aware of at the present time. We can, however, do and use some of the suggestions below to help reverse some of the harmful effects we have been doing to the earth and our bodies. We can use these to help improve the anxieties we are now feeling in life. I was a long-time sufferer myself of severe anxiety. Almost to the point of agoraphobia before using modern means of research intermingled with the old ways to bring me relief and get me out of the closed doors. I am not going to tell you I am 100%, but it has caused vast improvements in the quality of my life.

  1. Buy organic. You may not think that GMO’s, hormones, antibiotic use in animals, additives, etc., are making an impact on your health. Trust me when I say you will feel the difference when you buy organic.
  2. Add in at least some moderate exercise into your everyday routine. Walk at least 20 minutes a day. Add in everyday chores.
  3. Meditation. This doesn’t have to be sitting Indian style and pinching your thumbs and forefingers together. You can lay down and root into your thoughts and release them for at least 15 minutes during the day.
  4. Learn something new. Taking the mind off of the worries and stress and placing it on a project can bring you worth and satisfaction.
  5. Eliminate unnatural caffeine. Green tea is okay, but caffeine loaded sodas and energy drinks can increase anxiety.
  6. use essential oils. This one thing helped me in abundance. Natures medicine (referenced over 600 times in the Bible).Some of the best and most useful can be found on the chart below from Dr. Josh Axe. Some others that I found useful are Valor, Frankincense, and Northern Lights Black Spruce (which can be found in Valor). All are very grounding.

Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 4.56.44 PM


One last and very important note. I recommend only using Young Living oils! Many store-bought oils are mere fragrance which will not help you physically and might contain chemicals that could affect your body systems negatively.


I only use Young Living oils because they are the purest. They are the only company that owns their own farms and has control of the whole process from when the seed goes in the ground to when the bottle of oil gets sealed. I don’t want any funky ingredients in things that my family will be applying or ingesting. Trust me when I say I’ve tried many companies and there is a difference. Only one other has come close to the quality of Young Living and they are stationed overseas with higher shipping costs and nowhere near the variety and availability of oils.

My recommendation is to get an essential oil kit at 1/2 off the retail price (you can order oils at the retail price but why not get that kit for 50% off and a 24% discount for the life of your membership). No store gives you that.

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