Free The Bath and Cabinet Clutter

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I had spoken before on ways to minimalize your life. You can read that article here if you missed it and would like to learn more. I wanted to expand on minimalizing your personal items as far as beauty goes and more ethical and natural products and ways to do this.

Do you ever get tired of being a woman (or even a man) and having to go through the body wash, the shampoo, the conditioner, the soap because you can’t use the body wash on your face, then lotion up after the shower, then apply deodorant, and perfume. Then you apply toner and a face moisturizer on top of that. If you blow-dry your hair then you may apply a product to help keep it from drying out such as a heat protectant oil or spray. Then you apply all of your make-up and some of you apply another spray to set that in place. Then at night you use a product to wash all of that off and reapply the toner and then do it all over again the next day. The average woman uses at least 12 products a day on herself. If she isn’t using organic/natural products then she is normally exposing herself to over 168 unique chemicals a day. Many of those are known or suspected carcinogens. This doesn’t even include the other various chemicals we are exposed to on the daily from cleaning products, food, or other air pollutants. This is merely in the beauty regimen that we go through. I don’t know how you feel, but to me, that is a lot of work and a lot of toxins that I am not comfortable with.

I am all about simplifying what I can. We don’t need one more stressful thing added to our days. We need to clear our minds, and a part of this can start with simplifying our cabinets, countertops and daily beauty and cleaning regimen.

  • Wash your face with charcoal soap. Good for the whole family and one bar in the shower.
  • The shower gel for cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing your body.  Good for the whole family.
  • Use a good clean shampoo and conditioner such as Young Living. Good for the whole family unless you have a baby and then the baby shampoo and wash combo is one product and is safe for your little one.
  • To moisturize your body, face, and hair in one fail swoop you can use the fractionated coconut oil. It works great, is pure and has no other products/chemicals added to it.
  • A deodorant that has no harsh chemicals.
  • A toothpaste that is pure as well and has been shown to effectively help with tooth decay.
  • The All-Purpose cleaner for all of your bathroom needs, homes floors, homes countertops, walls, furniture, etc.
  • The laundry detergent makes your clothes fresh and clean.
  • If you would like to add essential oils to the mix which I recommend you can mix this with the fractionated coconut oil to use on your body or as a perfume, mix with water and spritz in the air as a refresher, add to wool balls for the dryer to make your clothes scented naturally for that clean and fresh feel.

That is 10 products total (11 if adding for baby) plus whatever essential oils you choose to add to the mix and the wool dryer balls. Most families have at least 8 different products in their kitchen cabinet for cleaning and 5-6 in the shower plus tons of various bottles outside of it. Wasted space. Wasted time. Wasted money. And wasted need. Simplify my friends. You may feel like you are spending more on these products initially but they are a wonderful value that could help release your family from toxic chemicals that could be harming them, and since you don’t have to buy as many products to get good results you will actually be saving money. Your cabinets will be freer and your mind will be filled with less stress from the mess and clutter.

I am recommending Young Living because I came across them in my own personal search for better products and are completely transparent and show the ingredients openly in each item. They have all I need for my household needs for keeping a clean body and home. They are at a price point that isn’t gouging. They also have a monthly shipment option to keep me stocked and deliver right to my home which means I’m not packing things in from the store, not running out of what I need, and you can change it up or cancel and start at any time. The packaging is nice and simple and goes with any decor and is classy, and they are nice sprays or pumps that are so easy to use. I highly recommend them. There are different scents in some of these choices to suit your taste.

I became a distributor with them to save money on my own items and choosing to share what I have found to be safe and yet effective. At the same time, I’m hoping that each of you decides to make better conscious choices for your families, help keep our earth and bodies from so many toxic chemicals and help ease your minds with less clutter in your homes and minimize the items that are not needed. I’ve done the research on many companies and I found this one to be the transparency I like, with products I love, that are not only natural, but that also works. I hope you check them out and make your own educated choice. The frankincense oil is the bomb-diggity.



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