Your Tribe



Do you have a tribe? Do you have a social circle? How often do you get with friends or even talk to them on the phone? I’m not talking about text messages or perusing and ‘liking’ each other’s social sites. I’m speaking of that real interaction. The kind where you physically get together and talk about life happenings, listen to music, or simply laugh at nothing at all.

What about your relationship status? Are you in a healthy relationship? Is it filled with mutual respect, understanding, loyalty, and an abundance of love?

These questions you must ask yourself today.

A study conducted said that the real secret to longevity to life was not merely good eating, and exercise, but the existence of healthy relationships in your life. All of the mentioned in the video help you to live longer – quitting smoking – balanced nutrition – exercise, but the existence of real-life social interaction and healthy relationships play a significant role in our overall being.

Hop off of social media. Give a call instead of a text. Go out and mingle either alone or as a couple. Step outside of your box. If you don’t feel comfortable or feel like you don’t fit in then perhaps you are in the wrong circle. You will find the circle you fit in with given time and search. Find your tribe. But first, give people a chance. Some of the thoughts that exist in your head are merely that. Thoughts. Not what is real. Give people a chance to get to know the REAL you. Don’t fake it or try hard to fit in. Just be you and let others like you for the person that you are. Does this mean everyone will? No. That doesn’t mean the problem is you…the problem could lie with them. Just continue stepping out and being yourself and don’t flounder to judgment. Smile. Go forth. Be Real. Be you. Live long!!

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