Calm your pup Naturally DIY

Pups go through so many stages while learning new life skills and adventures. They go through separation anxiety from their parents and siblings to their new families and many times work schedules. They go through learning what rules are allowed in their new surroundings. They go through the physical and mental changes of growing so fast during puppyhood. They even go through diet changes from their mom’s milk to a kibble. All of these changes can take a toll on their growing systems. Even as they grow older their continues to change many times in their life from a new member of the family being added, or perhaps a families move to a different home. Though this DIY isn’t simply for the pup, but all life stages, it works great for the four paw littles.



Check out Harmony Blend for a peaceful Pup. It can help calm your dog naturally.  Once you try it, comment and let me know how YOUR furry friend loved it. Mine think it’s the bomb doggity!!

Harmony Blend essential oil



This is a great blend to put in your diffuser. Simply add 4-6 drops of each of the oils to your diffuser and diffuse near your pet’s kennel or bed.


Place 1-2 drops of essential oil in a 2-oz. spray bottle. Fill the remainder of the bottle with distilled water. Swirl gently to mix before spritzing on your dog’s back, bedding, or kennel. Be careful to avoid spraying near the face. Dogs sniffers are 400 times more sensitive than humans, so a little bit goes a long way.”


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