Your Fall Get-Together Ideas

How is the weather in your neck of the woods? Here in Colorado, the winds have shifted. Fall is full force in the air. We had our first snow mist a week ago, and our first real snow two days ago (around 4 inches). The trees are a rustic red, yellow, and orange. The leaves are gorgeous as they form a blanket across the slowing growth of the green grass. You can see the snow caps of the mountains in the backdrop as we drive to town. This week has warmed a bit to the 50’s and high 40’s, but Sundays 24 degrees was oh so nippy. Some nights have dropped down to the teens.

These brisk days make me want to have a small get-together. I was thinking of some ideas on how to make it a cozy evening of food and fun that was relaxed and intimate. I thought I would share some of these ideas with you.

Of course, we can all be inside and sitting around the tv gabbing about nothing in particular, but wouldn’t it be magical to take it outside? The chill of the night is something I always enjoyed. The smell of the leaves becoming crunchy underfoot. So the first thing I would suggest is a bonfire for warmth. There is a certain ambiance that standing or sitting around a fire creates on a cool evening.

A table with a plaid cover (or covers depending on the size or how many tables) to give it that homey cozy feel.

A few candles in Fall scents on the table.

Pumpkins, of course, are the epitome of Fall. They are everywhere, but can we really complain about the one time of year that we are graced with their presence? Carve a few out and place a candle inside on the ground. Then place some smaller ones not carved on the table for esthetics, and hollow out yet a couple of medium-sized ones to place a Cheese ball in, and one for a dip (made with yogurt). Or, you could even make a cheese ball and carve it out to the shape of a pumpkin. Pair it with some little gingerbread men and chips or crackers for dipping.

For drinks, because with the cold you know your company will be parched, so I’d offer some Hot Chocolate, and some Pumpkin Pie Rooibus, Apple Crumble Black, and Pumpkin Banana Nut Bread teas for some fireside heat up little tea bar. Some beer of course (or chilled wine choice) which is cool, but also helps the body stay warm. You might also offer some bottled water. These are all better choices than cola’s, and the teas can bring a health benefit.

For more snacks and eats, you can offer fruit slices, graham crackers, and nuts. You can also have some marshmallows and hot dogs next to some sticks for roasting over the bonfire. Easy peasy way to not have large meals and give people the simple enjoyment of conversation…just add some ketchup and mustard for the dogs in case anyone might want them.

Sprinkle some leaves around your pumpkins and perhaps some found sticks and rocks. A simple laptop with a portable speaker should suffice so you have music, but it’s not overpowering the conversations as well. Remember, this is a small get-together, not a large party bash. Keep it intimate. No balloons are needed.

Hope this gives you some ideas. Most importantly…HAVE FUN!!! 


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